If you have not stepped into the world of graphic design, you may find yourself romanticizing about its perks without realizing that it also has its own share of perils. Graphic design myths range from creativity, time-management and even cash flow.

Graphic designing is for everyone

Do you think that having an uncanny ability in using Photoshop will earn you a spot in the world of graphic design? There is more to graphic design than playing with Photoshop. You need to stay in the loop with the latest design trends and technology. You are going down the rabbit hole if you dive into the world of graphic design without extensive study and research. If you want to be a graphic designer you need to accept the fact that you will eat and breathe graphic design. This means graphic designing is not just a profession, it is a lifestyle.

Graphic designers have all the decisions

While it seems great to toy with the idea of making decisions with designing on your own, the design industry involves collaboration between the client and the designer. There are clients who leave the designing job to the artist but some clients do not like being completely hands off.

Continuing education is no longer required after graduation

Wrong. Graduation is just a tipping point for more important changes. The latest design trends and technology come and go. If old designs are still stuck in your head despite the rapid changes in the design industry, then you are missing a lot. Learning is a continuous process even in graphic design.

Fixing a design is easy

You have dedicated your time and effort to finish a design, but it gets rejected because it does not fit your client’s standards. A non-graphic designer may think that it only takes a few hours to fix a design, but this does not ring true. Fixing a design takes a large chunk of your time as you need to make sure that you provide the desired output. You cannot come up with a good design from rushed work.

Only natural born creatives can become graphic designers

Ever heard of nature versus nurture? Influence and environment can also play a huge role in molding a person to become a graphic designer. If you are in awe of graphic designers who can breathe life into lines and spaces, the good news is you still have a chance to become one of them.