Mastering the art of web design takes a lot of time and effort.

Have you ever come across websites that hurt your eyes? The ones that you just cannot stand? Designing a website does not happen overnight. You need to embrace designing principles for you to know the proper use of color, proper use of animation and much more.

Unfortunately, there are website designers that are completely clueless about these principles. Surprisingly, you can still learn a lot from these bad web designs.

1. Images that are too small

Creating a website should provide your customers the convenience to purchase, to be educated or to be entertained. However, websites that require visitors to zoom to 200% are not definitely a good idea. Keep in mind that easy navigation is one essential element of a good website. If the images alone give your visitors a hard time, navigating your website will be too much for them.

2. The color-combination hurts your eyes

Proper use of color is important when designing a website. Does putting dark red text over dark blue background work well? This color-combination may not provide your visitors a good viewing experience because it does not allow them to read the text well.

3. Overloading the homepage

Sure you want to make navigation easy for your visitors but cluttering your website with all of the information on the homepage is a different story. This idea is more likely to confuse your visitors than attract them.

4. Placing random links and images

Embellishing your websites with lots of colorful images, fake news reports and other irrelevant features will not only distract your website visitors but also make them forget why they are on your website in the first place. Keep it simple and informative. When there are too many things going on in a single view, it only pulls your visitors’ attention away from your website. If you do not have a design strategy in mind, placing random links and images can be tempting. However, this is not a good idea as it only makes the site look cluttered. If you are designing a business website, the random links and imagery make a website look unprofessional.

5. Using the wrong typography

Choosing the right typography is important in designing a website. It can greatly influence your website by either distracting or engaging customers. The text color must be easy to read and obvious to see. Avoid using colors that are too bright or too faint as this makes the text difficult to read.