Brand. Identity. Logo.

These terms may seem synonymous, but they have different roles to play. Each is critical to forming a graphic design chain. One missing link and the chain will be broken. While the terms are used interchangeably by non-graphic designers, their exact definitions are based on the roles they play.


Branding is a corporate image or the company’s emotional aspect. Contrary to popular belief, it is the audience that makes a brand and not the graphic designer. There is more to corporate image than meets the eye. Since a designer forms the brand’s foundation, the process is not only focused on a few elements as it is also important to take the company’s values into consideration.

Consistency is key. Branding shows what companies stand for, why they exist and what they believe in. Branding creates emotional connection. A company that has an excellent branding will be able to make the target audience feel they are part of the brand.


A company uses visual devices to create an identity. Visual devices can be a logo, signage, stationery, apparel design and many others. An identity should support the brand as a whole. It should not deviate from the company’s values. The identity is an element that makes a brand recognisable. The company’s visual aspect is created once identity is applied on a variety of medium.


A logo is a symbol. It allows your audience to find and identify you. A logo does not necessarily describe your company, it is just a mark or a signature. A logo helps your audience recognise and remember your business. Even if you offer great products or services, your customers can easily forget about you if you do not have a logo that creates familiarity of your business.

A person is more memorable if you call them by his/her first name, instead of the usual miss or mister. The logo is the simplest way of identifying a business. A logo does not go as far as describing what your business does. It is only meant to give your business a name for identification.

While you can easily tell the difference between logo, identity and brand, knowing their functions and purpose will help you determine why they create a snowball effect. Just remember, a brand is your company’s corporate image as a whole, an identity is its visual aspect and a logo is the company’s mark, symbol or icon.