Each designer has his or her own method of creating a logo. However, there are several steps that you can take to make sure that you come up with a good logo. If you are just starting out in the field of logo design, then read on to find out the six basic steps in designing your very own logo.

1. Begin with a grid.
Even if you consider yourself a good artist or illustrator, you should not underestimate the importance of using a grid. Whatever form you have in mind, the grid is there to ensure that your logo is consistent in terms of shape and size. Whether you are planning to make a round, triangular, or square-shaped logo, using a grid is essential in the design process.

2. Use simple shapes.
You may have a more complicated form in mind, but it is best to start with simple, geometric shapes — circles, triangles, squares, rectangles. Whether you are drawing manually or using design software, beginning with a basic shape can help in making the form of your logo more precise. You can always include the smaller details later.

3. Follow the numbers.
Speaking of precise, see to it that your measurements are mathematically exact. This applies to straight line measurements, angles, curves, corners, and other elements of your design. Once again, even if you are good in drawing manually, you cannot be too careless about exact measurements. They help to ensure that your logo is perfectly shaped and proportioned.

4. Be consistent with accents and elements.
This applies particularly to a group or set of icons. Consistency is one of the keys to effective brand recognition. When people see the similarities among the images that you use, the more likely they will remember your brand.

5. Keep it simple.
The main purpose of an icon or logo is to communicate a product, action, or idea to others. Hence, the simpler your design is, the better. If you include too many details, you might end up with a very complicated-looking icon that is hard to remember. Aim for simplicity, and not complexity, in your design.

6. Make it stand out.
This is easier said than done, but making your design unique is a must. There are so many similar-looking icons and logos nowadays, and so making a unique design is very important. It will be a challenge, but with dedication and skill — it can be done!

With these six steps in mind, you can be better prepared to creating your very own logo. Of course, do not forget to practice and to keep on improving your skills. As the old saying goes, “Practice makes perfect!”