Although most websites are designed for everyone, there are some that are created specifically for either a male or female audience. In this article, you will learn about what men and women are generally looking for in a website. In turn, knowing about this can help you come up with content that caters to their needs and preferences.

First, let us talk about the ladies…

What Women Want
In general, there are three things that appeal to the female audience; three S’s, in fact — self, stories, and sharing.

  • Self. When we say “self,” this does not mean that women are selfish; far from it. It simply means that women like to see things that remind them of themselves — their favorite color, music, brand of clothes, and the like. For them, it’s all about expressing their identity and being proud of their individuality.
  • Stories. Women are not just looking for a product; they like to hear success stories about the product. They like to hear stories that they can relate to — how Jenny was able to buy the perfect gift for her parents through an online store, or how Angela was able to assemble a cabinet all by herself by watching an online tutorial.
  • Sharing. This third “S” is related to the previous one. When women hear a good story, they usually feel obligated to share it, especially with their close family and friends. In this case, having a social media widget on your website would come in handy!

And now, for the gentlemen…

What Men Want
While women have the three S’s, men, on the other hand, can be characterized by three P’s — pictures, proof, and pride.

  • Pictures. Men are visual human beings. They like to see pictures of things, especially things that they aspire to have — their dream house, their dream car. They respond most to content that caters to their ambitions and aspirations.
  • Proof. Whereas women like stories, men are more interested in the proof behind them. They are after statistics, figures, and testimonials that describe how good or effective a product is.
  • Pride. Just as women like to share, men like to brag — and not in an arrogant way. When men achieve or accomplish something, they like to proclaim about it to the world. Similarly, websites that provide sharing options give them the chance to do this.

Even online, men and women think differently. And so, in designing a website that aims to catch their attention, make sure that you know these differences!