Graphic design trends come and go. The immensely popular designs in the previous years may no longer be usable in the coming years. Graphic designs are your visual storyteller and they can either be appealing or appalling to your users. For web visitors who are keen on details, graphic designs are more than just the aesthetic aspect of web development.

1.    Responsive Design-In the past, a responsive site is just an option, but with the growing number of mobile users, a responsive site is more than just a bonus feature. A responsive design can do wonders to rankings. If sites do not provide a mobile-friendly experience, Google will work its way into your website and crush it. These days, mobile is considered the first screen. Gone are the days when the only option left for mobile users is to hide a desktop function. If your users are having difficulties viewing your website with their phones, you may need to go back to the drawing board and revise your design following the responsive design principles.

2.    Usable Design-The design trends for 2016 are more focused on User Experience (UX). When a website takes long to load, it can render a cool design useless. Based on Google’s algorithmic changes and customer behaviour data, a website that is easy to use and loads fast has a strong impact on users.

3.    Clever Menus-Hidden navigations are one of the laser focused graphic design trends that allow users to concentrate on what is important to them at any given time. With menus here and there, users can get distracted and it is easy to forget about your main purpose of visiting the website.

4.    App-Inspired Web Design-Designers who can fuse zero distractions, speed and tailored user experience into one sure capture a user’s interest. Users will no longer have to deal with unessential information and interacting with content in the fastest way possible will no longer be a problem.

5.    Modular Scrolling-Although modular scrolling has been in existence since 2015, thanks to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, it will be one of the interesting graphic design trends for 2016 as it spares users from clicking from page to page. With infinite scrolling, you do not have to wait for the next page to load because you simply scroll down to view new content. There is no need to stop and wait for the new page to load, which can be frustrating and delay-causing if the page does not load fast.

6.    Flat Design-Flat’s not dead. A lot of big brands are adopting flat design, adhering to the fact that less is even better in graphic design. A flat design is also a plus factor for websites because they weigh less and does not contribute to page load time. When it comes to the evolution of flat design, Flat 2.0 is something to watch in 2016.

7.    Modern Retro-This graphic design trend has to do with the computer age’s early days. You can expect to see visual styles which were popular between the late ‘70s and early ‘90s.  In 2016, you will see a hint of modern retro in web designs and you know where the inspirations were taken from.