Men and women view things from different perspectives. Women have a penchant for art while men like adventure or anything that is on the extreme of the spectrum. Even when it comes to designs, men and women have different tastes and preferences. As designers, it is important to deal with these differences.

Designing for her

1. Women want value

Women often want to see substance takes precedence over form. If they do not see any value on the website, expect them to make a beeline for something worthy of their attention. For women, there is more to web design than just love at first sight.

2. Women want visuals that are reflections of themselves

Women are more likely to be drawn to things they feel connected to. It can be a house, a place or even a person. This means women buy products or services from people who know what goes on inside their head.

3. Women appreciate stories

Women are also detail-oriented. If you share success stories about your services, you need to go into details. If you have shared something that poked their interest, you will definitely earn their trust.

4. Women love sharing

If you give women something worth discussing, it will not be difficult for them to help you spread the word. Aside from solving their problem be it design or brand recognition, it is necessary that you can solve their friend’s problem with web design too.

Designing for him

1. Men want quick solution

Unlike women, men are making purchases now for their current needs. At the time of their purchase, men are not worried about future value. Once they come across a website, it should give them every good reason to hit ‘buy’ button.

2. Men want visuals that appeal to their sense of adventure

Men want to satisfy their curious and adventurous nature. If a website leaves them half-intrigued, they are going to find something worth-exploring by clicking through.

3. Men want evidence

Men want proof that your product or service is great. If you have detailed stories, testimonials or reviews that will prove how great your services are, you can definitely win their nod.

4. Men loves to stand out

It is very unlikely for men to give recommendations unless you have gone the extra mile to provide an exceptional web design. Men also love being singled out and surprised and this can be a great chance for you to get personal with them.

Designing for Everybody

Every design is a masterpiece, but things will not always work in your favor. Yes, you cannot please everybody. Just keep in mind that you need to make emotional connections because every client is unique.