Thinking about starting a website but do not have the time or the skills for it? Consider hiring the services of a web designer — not just any designer — a creative one. But how can you spot a truly creative designer? And how can you make the most out of working with him or her? This article talks about the characteristics of creative designers and how to work with them.

The Creative Ones
Not all designers are the same, but there are several character traits that set them apart from others: attention to detail, process-orientedness, and focus on quality.

  • Attention to detail. Creative people have a keen eye for detail. In fact, spotting mismatched colors or incorrect lay-outs is basically second nature to them! When you come across a person who is almost obsessive when it comes to even the smallest details, then you have a winner right there.
  • Process-orientedness. When it comes to design, a creative person values the process as much as the result itself. They like to follow a series of steps that they believe would produce the best outcomes. They seek out the latest and the best web design practices, and immediately try to apply these to their work.
  • Focus on quality. “Good enough” is not good enough for creative designers. If something can be improved further, they would be more than willing to modify it until it becomes “perfect” in their eyes.

How to Work with Them
Now that you have an idea of what makes a creative designer, let us now talk about how to make the most out of working with them. Be sure to give them space, ask for their opinions, and learn from them.

  • Give them space. Creative people need space — both literally and figuratively. If possible, provide them with a wide, open space where they can work comfortably as they pour out their creative juices. Avoid looking over their shoulders continually as this would disrupt their process. Of course, if they prefer to work in their own homes or studios, let them.
  • Ask for their opinions. Even if you have a good idea of what you want your website to look like, ask creative designers for their opinions. By doing so, they will realize that you trust their knowledge and skills, thus motivating them to work harder and better.
  • Learn from them. Designers have much to share when it comes to the latest trends. Listen and learn from them, so that you yourself may be updated. This very knowledge could be used to your competitive advantage over others!

When the right people are given the time and space they need to be “creative,” they will be able to produce an amazing website for you! Just remember to spot the truly creative designers, work with them, and let them do their magic!