About 50 years ago, the KISS principle was used by the US Navy in reminding their engineers to keep their systems simple and to avoid over-complicating their designs. From then on, KISS — which is short for “Keep it Simple, Stupid” — became a popular phrase when it comes to highlighting the importance of simplicity in designing a system.

The same principle can be applied in web design, particularly in the areas of page titles, font style, white space, navigation, and theme. How can these be KISS-ified?

1. Make page titles visible.
Today’s readers do not have time to read every single word in a web page. They usually just scan over headlines and titles to get an overview of the content. Of course, when an interesting title catches their attention, they would actually take the time to read the whole article. The point here is to make sure that your titles, as well as subtitles, are clear, simply stated and visibly larger than the rest of the text.

2. Consider your font style.
What is the style of your site — classic, retro,or modern? In any case, see to it that your font style, color, and size match your site’s overall look. In terms of text alignment, keeping it to the left is a good rule of thumb.

3. Include “white” space.
In web design, take note that you do not have to fill every inch of the page with words or photos. Careful use of white space, which is also known as “negative” space, actually helps to provide just the right contrast and balance to the screen.

4. Simplify navigation.
When a person visits your site, you do not want them to get all lost and confused. Placing the navigation area towards the left of the home page can help prevent this. Specifically, the top left area of a page is where people usually set their eyes on the first time they land on a page.

5. Ensure coherence in theme.
Remember that every single part of your website matters: font style, size, color, spacing, and organization. Be sure to put them all together in such a way that expresses coherence and consistency. A clear, cohesive, and consistent theme adds to the site’s overall appeal.

Your website does not need to have a complex and elaborate design to attract visitors and potential customers. A basic design with visible titles, clear font, good use of white space, easy navigation, and a coherent theme are all you need to create an appealing website. In other words, just KISS (Keep it Simple, Stupid)!