Digital Design

If you advertise or sell online your customers need to be seduced away from the (literally) limitless alternatives that they enjoy. Your competitors are just a back button away, so you’d better find a way to keep visitors on your page for longer. Digital design that reflects the value that your products or services bring to the customer, presented in a simple and compelling manner keeps visitors on-page longer, builds trust and leads to more sales.

Website Design

What promise do you make to your customers and how do you explain the value that your business delivers to them? You need to think of your website just like I do – a customer-facing way of describing what your business does, in a way that makes it relatable and valuable to your customers and prospects. It’s not just about pretty pictures. Your website provides a digital gateway to you and your business. Let me help you unlock the power of digital discovery.

Logo Design

What message does your logo convey? In just a single glance your logo should be telling a story about your business and your brand. Whilst big companies have the luxury of multi-million dollar marketing budgets to build brand identity, most businesses need to resort to far less subtle means of delivering that message. I’ll help you to create a logo which tells your story to your target audience in a meaningful, unique and truly creative way.

Be distinctive, by design.

You want to be different and stand out from the crowd - but in a way that helps your customers and prospects understand the unique value that you bring to them. If you want to be memorable in a totally unique, but meaningful way, you should reach out to me and organise a brief call. I'll make you distinctive, by design.