“I need a simple logo. Just the name of my company and a simple icon. I have a sketch. This should be a quick one.

Budget $5.

— Someone on Upwork

A few things I’d like to get out of the way…


I don’t create $5 logos. I don’t build $100 websites. This is not to bash people who do, but better results are achieved when a design is given the special care and attention it deserves. This means that work is not rushed and your designer is not trying to finish your logo in under 30minutes, just so they can move on to their next $5 design project.

If you’re a startup business with limited resources you may opt to go the $5 logo route. That is entirely your decision to make. I just won’t be designing it. There is nothing wrong with online-generated logos or quick-install template websites if you’re comfortable with the idea. Of course, there is always a catch. About 99% of the time that catch is that quality and originality are seriously compromised.

With all of that now said…

Here are some guidelines to give you an idea of how I quote for each project.


From $95 USD

How many pages?
What size?
Are you providing your own images?
Are you writing your own copy?


From $95 USD

What platform is it for?*
Are you providing your own images?
Are you writing your own copy?

*Variations are often required so that the same image can be used on different platforms requiring different image dimensions.


From $1495 USD

What type of website?
How many pages of content?
Does it need custom programming?
Are you providing your own images?
Are you writing your own copy?


From $395 USD

Do you have a value proposition?
Who is your target market?
Do you have existing brand guidelines?*

*This is NOT just the colours and fonts you are using.

You understand your business and your market better than anyone else.

Your input and feedback are required.

I understand and aim to apply best design practices at all times.

My recommendations are essential.

Your preferences are taken into consideration, but I work faster and produce better results when not micro-managed.

It will save you time and money too!

intelligent design that www.works! ®