Previous posts discussed about logo design principles and various characteristics of a good logo. This post, however, will talk about a marketing platform where your logo can be seen: social media. From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram to Pinterest — you can take advantage of these social networks in making your logo, and ultimately, your brand — visible.

How can social media affect your logo and your brand? Here are four ways:

1. Social media can help you stand out.
The reality is, it is a tough business world out there, and you need to stand out among your competitors. Social media can help you achieve this by being the platform for launching your products or services, exciting offers, sales, and promotions. Posting your logo and messages regularly on social networks can help potential customers distinguish your brand from the others. It is also interesting to note that majority of people are “visual” learners, and so the more they see your logo on social media, the more they will be able to recall your brand.

2. Social media can make you look good.
There is something about being visible on social media that can help your brand look professional, and more important, trustworthy. Your logo is the first thing about you that they will see, and a well-designed logo projects professionalism. They will come to see your brand as something that can be trusted, something that they can associate with. What’s more, being active on social media networks gives the impression that you have a fairly large business, which it could be, with effective use of social media practices.

3. Social media can help increase potential customers.
Think about it: the average person spends about three hours online everyday. A major part of those three hours is spent on social media, where a simple “share” or “retweet” instantly spreads your logo and your message. Hence, by looking at your number of “friends” or “followers,” you get a relatively good estimate of just how popular you are among Internet users. Of course, the more “likes” you have, the higher the possibility of gaining new customers as well.

4. Social media can make your customers happy.
Social media is interactive by nature, and by going online you make your brand more accessible to Internet users. Not only that, you also make it possible for them to communicate with you, to ask you questions, to share comments and suggestions, and to recommend your brand to their friends. You not only gain their trust, but you are also able to keep them happy and satisfied.

The role of social media in communicating your logo and brand is something that should never be taken for granted. If you want your business to stand out, look good, gain customers, and keep them satisfied — featuring your logo and brand on social media is the way to go!