Having an eye for details is important in web design because it enables you to create a website tailored to your client’s preferences. A modern successful website must have the following elements:

1. Meaningful Content

The content you place on your web pages enables you to engage with your target audience. A meaningful content should identify your audience’s pain points. It should be free of grammar or spelling mistakes. If you want to connect with your audience through words, you should use emotion. You will also need to use relevant keywords for SEO purposes as well.

2. Good Navigation Experience

A layout that gives your audience a good navigation experience will set your website apart from others. It is important that your navigation points enable your audience to find what they are looking for. A user friendly navigation experience should limit the amount of menu items, use descriptive titles, have a brand logo that navigates back to the website’s homepage  and navigation that can be easily found.

3. Mobile-Friendly

A modern website should be mobile-friendly as most people rely on their smartphones. A website that is not optimized can give an audience an unpleasant experience as the page cannot be adjusted. The user can only view a portion of your website making it hard for them to gain access to the information they need. A mobile-friendly website should have a responsive framework, be easy to navigate, have relevant icons and clean design.

4. Site Map

Another important element that should be present in your website is the site map. This area ensures your visitors can easilly navigate through the site. It should be well-designed so search engine spiders can searcn and rank your site accordingly. There are three types of sitemaps: restricted categorical, complete categorical sitemap and indexed sitemap.

5. Pages that load easily

Slow loading pages can be the reason for high bounce rate. A page that does not load fast can cause frustration for your visitors. This can be avoided by removing nonessentials. It is also important to compress images down so the time it takes for the page to load will also be reduced.

6. Graphic Design

The visual appeal of your website will also depend on your graphic design. Visual designs also create a lasting impression and you can repel your visitors if they do not like what they see. Since first impressions matter, make sure you use white spacing between content. All colours need to complement one another so your website looks simple, professional, and clean.