In this day and age, websites have become a significant part of our daily routines: browsing news sites, using email platforms, connecting to the social media networks. But how exactly do these sites get put together? Who are the people involved in the creation of a website? In this article, we take a look at the different people who often work behind the scenes — the talented individuals behind amazing websites.

The Writers
Everything starts with a great idea. Eventually, this idea is put into words by a diligent writer, who spends hours, if not days, writing the perfect article. The steps usually involve brainstorming, outlining, drafting, revising, and more revising. In order to do the job well, the writer must have fantastic research skills, perfect grammar, and a wide vocabulary.

The Editors
Once the article is finished, the writer submits it to the editor. The editor checks the article not just to correct spelling or grammar errors, but to see if any further revisions need to be made in terms of content. If there are any major modifications that need to be done, the editor sends the article back to the writer with comments. At this stage, the article is passed between the writer and editor until the “final copy” is ready. Sometimes, an external reviewer or editor is also consulted for further “polishing” of the article.

The Illustrators
Far from simply being a “graphic aid” a good picture should be able to speak for itself. With just one glance, a picture should be able to deliver a message effectively. Such a feat requires the talent and creative skills of a great illustrator. This person typically possesses astounding spatial intelligence, superb drawing skills, and is expertly able to use graphic design software to create eye-catching illustrations.

The Developers
Basically, the developers are the people who “build” and maintain the website itself. Their primary aim is to create a “user-friendly” website environment. Web developers are expected to have knowledge in using Hyper-Text Markup Language (HTML), which is the language used in displaying content as they appear in a web browser. They should also be familiar with JavaScript (JS) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). In particular, CSS is used in creating the look and design of a website through spreadsheets written in HTML.

The writers, editors, illustrators, and developers are just some of the talented people behind amazing websites. Even though they usually work behind the scenes, they are the ones who make it possible for us to have an engaging, meaningful, and fun online experience!