When it comes to logo shapes, there is more than meets the eye.  Logo designs have a way of eliciting emotional response as it is considered a creative stimulus that tickles the senses once a person fixes their eyes on the logo. This means that a logo’s shape or form should not be a random selection. Shapes are very powerful because they can change buyer perception.

What message does the shape of your logo send?

•    Squares and triangles (straight edged logo shapes) — the shapes suggest stability and can also be used if the designers wants to imply balance. Businesses are more inclined to using these shapes because it also imparts professionalism, efficiency and strength. However, these shapes may also appear uninviting and cold once combined with colors like grey and blue. These shapes must have dynamic colours so it will look more interesting.

•    Ovals, circles and ellipses — these shapes send a positive emotional message as circles in a logo imply love, relationships, friendship and community. Rings denote partnership and marriage, implying endurance and stability. Curves also have feminine appeal.

•    Vertical/horizontal lines — vertical lines are more on the masculine side as they suggest aggression and strength. Horizontal lines appear to represent tranquillity, calmness and community.

The psychology of logo shapes can be applied when designing a logo for your client. Write down the attributes and values that the client wishes to convey. The logo must reflect these very clearly. But do not dwell on just the logo shape; think of the colors as well. If you choose a strong shape, the colors must tone it down so as not to appear too severe or unapproachable. The shape is just one of the important elements of logo design.

Just like looking at photos, your target market will take a moment to examine a logo that speaks to them, instead of just taking a cursory glance — and they will remember. If your logo has this kind of effect, it is a good indication that you have combined the right formula.

In order to create a suitable logo for your client’s preference, it is important that you get to know your client. An overview of their corporate values or the mission statement of the company will take you in the right direction.