Very impressive theme, this one. Robust and very easy to use, with very good ratings on Themeforest. The theme author, Themeco, was named 2nd top author for the month of June. Which is why it’s unfortunate that I had a terrible experience with their support staff. I can’t say that they weren’t responsive. They responded to each and every post I made on their support thread. What’s disappointing is that they seemed to have comprehension issues.

FACT: I tested their parent theme for plugin incompatibility, and found no issues. When I installed and activated the child theme, however, some issues appeared that may or may not be related to plugin conflict. The main question – why would the child theme have conflicts if the parent did not? I’m not a programmer, so it was a genuine question from someone who didn’t understand.

FACT: In response to my post, they asked me to provide admin access, which I did right away. Then they come back and told me to test the child theme for plugin conflict.

Did you notice that the question was not answered? The question only needed either of two responses here, and it would have ended the thread:

1) An explanation as to why the child theme still could have conflicts, which would then mean that another plugin test was warranted. I would have done it without a single moment’s hesitation.

2) An offer to help us find out what the issue is. Whether they solve it or not is at this point still irrelevant.

FACT: They came back with very specific instructions. “Before we continue, we need you to update X and Visual Composer, install Cornerstone from X Addons -> Extensions and disable X shortcodes plugin.”

FACT: That was a 3-part task. Update (X and Visual Composer), install (Cornerstone), and disable (X shortcodes). I followed their instructions to the letter, then our website went down.

FACT: They said that it’s because I “have installed cornerstone without deactivating or deleting xshortcodes plugin first.”

You can see our issues building up from here. If it was that compelling to deactivate or delete xshortcodes first, it should have been pointed out. I brought this thread to the attention of one of the leaders of their organization. While they accepted that this could have been handled more effectively, they also said the following:

“I am sure you’ve tested this, still we are dealing with customers with all different levels of expertise this means we can’t always take their word and be 100% sure just because they are saying there is no conflicts that there isn’t one so checking this on our own (which is a quick process) can’t hurt.Did they check? No. Didn’t even offer to check.

I think you’re talking about the fact that after updating the theme you had problems accessing your site: This should not be the case and updating the theme should never lock you out of the admin panel, the instruction of updating the theme and plugins is something that is not a wrong advice since we ship a lot of big fixes and we need to have a common base when providing support and that’s that every customer is running on the latest version so we can troubleshoot it properly. Having X Shortcodes AND Cornerstone active at the same time should trigger a warning that you should deactivate X Shortcodes but should not compromise any functionality. Since the situation has resolved I can’t take a look to identify the “real” cause of this although I trust your statement that it might have to do something with the update process, for that reason we recommend having a test environment where you do the updates first and then push everything on to a live site.”OK, I never said I had problems after updating the theme. Did the rest of his comment even address any of my issues?

So basically it wasn’t resolved. I had to have someone else help bring the website back up and fix the issues. How can they even help if they can’t recognize the problem? It was like talking to a brick wall. When I pointed out the fatal error that caused our website to go down, they had the gall to tell me that “none of their instructions were misleading or in any way harmful.”

I’m honestly still in shock. They have tens of thousands of satisfied customers. What the hell happened?