The previous post mentioned three characteristics of creative designers, namely: attention to detail, process-orientedness, and focus on quality. This article discusses three other traits that make amazing designers… well, amazing!

Read on to see if you have the makings of an amazing designer:

1. Amazing designers are multi-taskers.
A truly amazing designer is a whiz at multi-tasking. Imagine taking on several projects from different clients all at once! When one project finishes, a new one immediately takes it place. At times, you may have to handle projects that are at varying stages of completion.

But what if you cannot handle all of these projects? Obviously, everyone has their limits, and you should know yours. How many projects can you manage without sacrificing quality? In this case, it is important to know your limitations. Do not attempt to overwork yourself; rather, try to strike a balance between quantity and quality of work.

2. Amazing designers submit projects on time.
Punctuality and effective time management is a necessary trait every designer should have. Nothing turns off a client more than submitting a project beyond the deadline. And so, how do you make sure that you meet your deadlines? The key is to prioritize. Organize your tasks based on their importance and urgency, and arrange your schedule accordingly.

However, in case you miss a deadline, what should you do? The answer is simple: own up. Apologize, take responsibility, and assure your client that it will never happen again. Of course they will be disappointed, but seeing that you are willing to take responsibility and not pointing the blame towards others, there is a chance that they might request your services again.

3.Amazing designers are decisive.
In relation to multi-tasking and punctuality, being decisive is another trait that a designer must have. When a person is decisive, he or she gets things done well and on time. For instance, you can only spend so much time in choosing a color theme. Based on a client’s preferences, and your own working knowledge — simply choose a color theme and move on. After all, you can always make several drafts to present to a client and let them pick the final one.

What’s more, practice makes perfect. You will find that the ability to make wise (and quick) decisions gets better with time. Thus, you will be able to work better, faster, and with greater confidence.

Are you punctual, decisive, and adept in multi-tasking? If your answer is yes, then congratulations! You are on your way to becoming an amazing designer.