A logo represents the core values of a business, minus the words. It’s a symbol or a mark that speaks volumes about the business that it represents. How is this done effectively?

Great logos target the right audience

As you put your thinking cap on, envision your target audience. You may have a plethora of creative ideas, but failing to appreciate what appeals to your target audience will render your creativity useless.  Logos can either attract or repel prospective customers. For example, if you are designing a logo for a kids’ brand, the design should conform to the industry’s expectations. Are you using the right colors, shapes, or typeface that would appeal to your target audience?

Great logos are memorable

Logos are supposed to make a clear impression on your target audience. A logo that is simple and uncomplicated is easier to remember than one that is busy and complex. If there are too many elements in the design, not only would it send mix messages, but it would not make a mark. Simplicity is key. Is your logo easy to remember?

Great logos are versatile

Apple’s logo epitomizes versatility as it remains recognizable and clear on whatever medium. You see it on Apple machines and devices, on stickers, shirts, and signages. You see it in chrome, solid color, heat pressed — tiny and blown up. These are very important things to consider when designing a logo. Does your logo scale well? Does it look good both in full color or single color?

Great logos are distinctive

No two logos are created equal. Because a logo needs to be tailored for each individual company, what works for one company might not work as well for another in the same market vertical. Although it is tempting or sometimes even helpful to get inspiration from the competitors’ logos, copying is a big NO-NO. A logo that is unique and original wil set you apart, which is the goal, rather than make you blend in with the rest. Imagine your logo amongst other logos in a sales brochure, for instance. Will it be the first to get noticed?

Great logos are timeless

Despite the evolution of logo design, a good logo is timeless, and will not look outdated in a few years. While it’s a good idea to be in keeping with the latest design trends, it’s not wise to be completely influenced by what’s “”in”” and considered cool. Remember when bevelled 3D icons were the rage? Now everything is being made to look flat. Now, let’s remember that even some of the greatest logos get facelifts from time to time, but if a logo is able to remain essentially the same after years of evolving with the times, then that’s logo design done right.