The Internet is your bestfriend when it comes to searching for the right person for your logo designing needs. However, the vast options available to you upon hitting the search button will surely give you a hard time making up your mind.

So how do you choose a logo designer?

Think about your needs. Choosing the wrong person is like, as Alanis Morissette puts it, having “”ten thousand spoons, when all you need is a knife””.

Your logo will be the first thing your customers will remember. It should be memorable. You can’t just randomly select a candidate hoping you will see eye to eye. That is not how things work.

These are just the basics. Of course once you get to know your prospective logo designer, you may require some uncanny abilities. So, here goes (drum roll):

1. An Impressive Portfolio

Anyone can tell you about how great their logo designs are, but without proof, those claims will remain a figment of their imagination. Your logo may already be screaming for a make over and you need a designer that can make logos for real companies and real clients.

2. A Proven Track Record

It might sound unfair to new designers to be talking about experience when they too can produce top quality results, but experience provides a designer an edge over other designers. In this case, a strong portfolio is going to be a deciding factor.

3. Positive Reviews

It is easy to be deceived by false promises, but you can be on the right track if you check your prospective logo designer’s testimonials from past colleagues and clients. Be sure to check the validity of the testimonials. Emailing the company is going to be your best bet.

4. A Systematic Design Process

Can your prospective logo designer produce logos at the speed of light? Do they have a systematic process that will tell you which direction the project is going? Fast does not necessarily guarantee efficiency and quality. If the logo designer provides you a timeframe, analyze if it is reasonable enough for the kind of logo design you want.

5. Professionalism

Nothing can be worse than sealing the deal with a logo designer and not hearing from the person afterwards. Has the person fallen off the face of the earth? Business professionalism is important. A logo designer should have strong time management and communication skills, attention to detail, trustworthiness and great customer service. You do not need a designer who just mysteriously disappears unless he is Harry Houdini.