Some people say that logos do not have to cost that much. It is just a “simple” drawing after all; a sketch, a symbol. Anyone can do it, so why spend money on it?

They couldn’t be more wrong.

Yes, anyone can make a logo. However, not everyone can make a GOOD logo.

The Design Process
To get an idea of what exactly goes into the making of a logo, let us take a peek into the design process that is typically done by professional logo designers:

  1. Creating a design brief. This first step involves meeting with the clients and learning what they expect from a logo.
  2. Conducting research. This involves doing research about the company, their competitors, and the industry in general. It also includes looking at existing logo designs related to the product or industry.
  3. Making sketches. This is the stage wherein designers put all their ideas into work and make not just one, but several sketches of the logo. A lot of time, effort, and creativity are necessary at this point.
  4. Presenting their work. This is the period wherein the designers present a selection of their best sketches for the clients to choose from. In some cases, they may be required to show their entire collection of sketches.
  5. Task accomplished! Once the clients are happy with the logos, the designers can relax and then move on to their next projects.

Considering that all that effort goes into making a logo, don’t you think that it is truly worth spending good money on? This is not to mention the fact in a creating a logo, a designer needs to have equipment and software, which also cost quite a hefty sum.

A Good Logo
To elaborate further about the importance of investing in a good logo, let us recall why a logo is needed to begin with. First of all, the logo is the very first thing that people see regarding your product or company. You need a great logo to make a strong impression and establish recognition. Secondly, logos are meant to reflect creativity and originality. You cannot expect to have an amazing and original logo without having to put some money into it.

How Much Should You Spend?
There is no single answer to this question, as different clients have different needs. However, there are a number of considerations you have to make when deciding to invest in a logo: How much time is given? How much research needs to be done? How many sketches need to be prepared? These and other related matters should be considered.

Anyone can make a logo, but not everyone can make a GOOD logo. However, once you decide to invest in one, you will eventually come to realize that a good logo is worth every cent!